(NYFF Review) Red Rocket: A Portrait of a Flawed Empire

It’s been two days yet I still can’t stop thinking about Red Rocket. Fresh off its NYC premiere at the New York Film Festival, it feels very refreshing to watch the film on a big screen. The premise might be really simple: Mikey, a washed up porn star, returns from LA to his industrial hometown in Texas City. However, Red Rocket is so much more than meets the eye: behind the laughter and the groans, Red Rocket is a grim window to understanding how the neoliberal US empire affects its unassuming citizens in subtle ways.

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Titane: Not for the Squeamish? Not for the Heartless

I hyped myself up really hard before watching Titane. I’m a pretty squeamish person and I usually don’t enjoy anything remotely close to body horror/body transformation horror, so I told myself after the film won the Palme D’Or that I’ll just sit this one out. However, after seeing how well it was received around the world and giving myself time to brave myself up, I headed to a screening near me.

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