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Hello! My name is Patricia, you can call me Pat for short. I am an Indonesian currently studying computer science, spending my summer in both Jakarta, Indonesia and Seattle, Washington, and continuing my junior year in New York City.

When I get super bored with typing lines of code or analyzing iambic pentameter in Richard III, I watch films and I talk about films. Films have been an integral part of my life, and I am constantly amazed at how films affect a large part of society. I watch all kinds of films and I love films from any genre and any country, but right now I am totally obsessed with new American indie dramas. I might seem like the film snob your friends warn you about, but, I will be happy to recommend you those kinds of films that only film school students watch! (Nah. I’ll be more than happy to recommend you films you’ll totally like. I’m not a film elitist. I enjoy action and comedy, too.) I go to the movies in a religious, almost ritualistic way; on some days, if I were permitted to camp in my local AMC, I would. You can keep track of my watching habits here.

Anyway; my favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Quentin Tarantino, Wong Kar-Wai, Jean-Luc Godard, and Joko Anwar. My ultimate favorite films are The Shining, Rashomon, Moonlight, Chungking Express, and Pierrot le fou.

Every day I listen to music on my daily commute; that is why I am a big fan of music. Very much like films, I listen to all kinds of music, but right now I am currently obsessed with the indie folk genre. I occasionally write about my favorite songs and albums (something that I would like to do more often).

This blog consists of my film/music reviews, and sometimes, my opinions or my life experiences. I take pictures on my Instagram and log films into my Letterboxd. You can also check out some of my old reviews here.

If you want to further discuss my reviews with me, you can email me at patricia [dot] adiyoso [at] gmail [dot] com.

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